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District: Braga | County: Vila Verde | Parish: Gondomar

Gondomar Village is on the slopes of Mixões da Serra, in Vila Verde Municipality. This area has many archaeological vestiges, especially from the prehistoric era, such as a burial chamber in Monte do Barrete and a medieval Christian grave at the Church. Enjoy the landscape characterised by terraces and green fields, oak groves and broom!

In the village, take a look at the well-preserved heritage: the Cross (one of the oldest in Vila Verde Municipality), the bandstand, and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, a set of rustic/rural houses, which form the centre of this typical Minho village, the granaries and the threshing floor house.
Fojo do Lobo, which is classified as a monument of municipal interest, is the landmark of the area. This is one of the best preserved wolf pits in the country and the biggest on the Iberian Peninsula. The sweetheart’s handkerchief, one of the typical regional handicrafts, is a perfect memento to take home with you!



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