District: Braga | County: Amares | Parish: Seramil

Urjal Village nestles on the slopes of the Santa Isabel Mountain and Abadia Mountain. It is part of Seramil Parish, in Amares Municipality. There are some notable granaries and some rustic houses in the historical centre of the village. These are typical of Minho and some of them have been renovated and adapted for rural tourism. Don't pass up the opportunity to stay in one of them: tranquillity and contact with nature are guaranteed!

Also take a look at the two well-preserved watermills found at one end of the village. Near the village, more precisely on Santa Isabel Mountain, there is a section of Roman geira or new Roman road (via XVIII Antonina). Take advantage of being here and let yourself be dazzled by the view over the terraced hillsides and green pastures freckled by the famous orange groves of the region!

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Abadia is located on Abadia Mountain. It is the oldest Marian sanctuary in Portugal. The 4-path picnic park is the ideal place to relax while trying the culinary specialities typical of Urjal: corn cakes and sardine cakes!



  • Capela de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

  • Troço da Geira Romana/Via Romana XVIII

  • Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Abadia
    Santuário composto por capelas de via sacra, edifícios de apoio aos peregrinos, fontes,...

  • Casa da Sequeira d'Urjal

  • Casa da Urze
    Casa em granito com umas vistas panorâmicas fabulosas. Situada junto da Geira Romana.

  • Casa da Sequeira d'Urjal
    Braga | Amares
    Capela de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
    Braga | Amares
    Casa da Urze
    Braga | Amares
    Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Abadia
    Braga | Amares
    Troço da Geira Romana/Via Romana XVIII