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Mixões da Serra

District: Braga | County: Vila Verde | Parish: Valdreu

Santo António de Mixões da Serra is a genuine village situated in the parish of Valdreu, Vila Verde Municipality. The location is characterised by its typical Minho granite houses, with elements linked to traditional agricultural activities, which have been restored. Also of note are a pillory and the granaries, used in olden days for drying and storing grain.

Unravel the history of the Church of Santo António de Mixões da Serra and climb the staircase that leads to a fascinating viewpoint with an image of Santo António. Admire the lush fields flecked with grazing animals: there’s a good chance of seeing wild horses roaming free! Enjoy the existing leisure space which invites you to enjoy pleasant picnics with the family and to restore your energy, breathing in the pure mountain air!

If you like adventure take the Mixões da Serra Route, a tourist cycle route designed for mountain biking (about 26 kilometres), almost all along forest trails. The main event in the village is the century-old Blessing of the Animals, which takes place in June, in the well-known Sanctuary of Santo António de Mixões da Serra. This is a tradition that dates back to the 17th century and which takes thousands of people to Mixões da Serra.

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