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Stª Isabel do Monte

District: Braga | County: Terras de Bouro | Parish: Monte

Santa Isabel do Monte Village is located in the cone of the mountain of the same name and is part of Terras de Bouro Municipality. The village has some rural tourism houses, an invitation to relax in the heart of Minho!

Santa Isabel do Monte conserves some archaeological remains, like a castro (fortified settlement) and megalithic tombs, testimonies of the occupation of the land in ancient times. Stroll among typical granite houses and granaries. Visit the Parish Church and Calvário, dating from the 19th century, the Chapels of São João Batista (18th century), in Bernardos House, and of Santo António, in Roseira House. Also see the Monte de Abades Country House and the Mountain Interpretation Centre, where you can find information about the main points of interest of the region.

There are two mountain trails, duly marked and signposted: the Castle Trail and the Mill Trail. Breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy the magnificent landscape dotted by oaks and pines! You will probably spot cattle out grazing and, in the distance, the São Mamede, Sameiro and Falperra mountains. Enjoy the mills, built between the 17th and 19th centuries, which have been restored and are located next to watercourses. The typical handicrafts include woodwork, linen and wool items, herbs and honey.



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