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District: Braga | County: Vieira do Minho | Parish: Campos

Lamalonga Village stands out for its landscape even before you get there. The houses are concentrated very closely together, although the natural setting is extensive. This is justified by the practical needs of the past, the way communities helped each other. Situated in Campos, Vieira do Minho, the village is living proof of this modus vivendi waiting to be discovered. Come, then, and wander along the narrow streets and see the details of the cluster.

The mills and small granaries that can be seen scattered throughout the village, standing out from the houses, are testimony to the dynamics of the village, given Lamalonga’s long tradition in growing and processing corn and rye, one of the strongest images of this village. The cereals, ground in the village mills, were then made into bread, and baked in the community oven, which is also deserving of a visit. Around Lamalonga, enjoy the beautiful and varied landscape, from the coolness of the water to the green of the mountain. The Laje stream or the Venda Nova lagoon, a short distance away, near Cabreira mountain or the beauty of Carvalhal do Esporão are worth visiting. Carvalhal do Esporão has a special nature: you can see the beauty of the place where springs of pure, fresh water bubble up and join a series of pools, before flowing down to the cornfields and marshes through gullies and channels. Many of the trees are Santo António oaks, offerings to the saint for protecting the animals. It is also for this reason that this is the place chosen for the village festival, dedicated to Santo António and celebrated every year on the second Sunday in August. The stone cross in front of the church, is topped with a Latin cross.

The cuisine is based on the products grown locally. Here you can find typical dishes of beans and cabbage accompanied with homemade shoulder of pork, pica-no-chão (chicken and rice dish), cozido à portuguesa with homemade meats, kid, lamb, Barrosa beef and cornbread. The confectioneries made are filhoses fritters and sweet aletria pasta. As in other villages in the region, the handicrafts produced in Lamalonga serve a practical purpose: linen and embroidery, croças made from reeds or rye straw (thatch), products that you can take as a souvenir of your visit. The Croça made from reeds, or in some cases rye straw (thatch), is a cape that protects against the rain and the cold and is widely used by shepherds. Stay and relax for a few days in the natural setting of this village, between mountains and streams, in one of the rural tourism accommodation units available: Casa la Salete, Casa Melanie or Casa Laura.



  • Cruzeiro de Lamalonga

  • Capela de Santo António

  • Castro de Codeçoso
    Povoado fortificado, cuja defesa é constituída por duas linhas de muralha circundantes ...

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