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District: Vila Real | County: Mondim de Basto | Parish: Bilhó

Travassos Village is in a secluded location in Bilhó Parish, in Mondim de Basto Municipality, close to the Alvão Natural Park. Its landscape is impressive: a group of houses set quite close together, well-structured and lush agricultural fields, the mountain as the boundary with the river as a mark of separation. The village is typically rural and life goes on in a peaceful and invigorating environment for those who visit. Strolling through Travassos, you will notice the various construction styles of housing and agricultural, religious and cultural buildings.

Pay a visit to the Chapel of Santa Bárbara, where the procession begins for the feast in honour of the patron saint of crops, which takes place in August. Enjoy the fountains, the public wash houses, the Roman bridge, the granaries, mills, the shrines and Calvary, at the highest point of the village, where the Way of the Cross ends. This take places in Lent and is a religious tradition rooted in the people of the area.

The trip isn’t complete without tasting the municipality’s delicacies: the roast lamb, certified Maronesa beef or the rich corn. Accompany it with quality vinho verde and finish off with a regional dessert.
But, don’t forget to keep looking around. The Alvão Natural Part is right next door and is an impressive frame for the village. Enjoy the silence and breathe!



  • Ponte de Travassos
    Ponte setecentista de arco, de tabuleiro com aduelas longas e estreitas.

  • Capela de Santa Bárbara
    Capela barroca com uma só nave e capela-mor, com tetos de masseira. Apresenta no interi...

  • Escola Primária de Travassos

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    Ponte de Travassos
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    Capela e Chafariz de São Bartolomeu
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    Igreja Paroquial de Bilhó / Igreja do Divino Salvador
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    Capela de Santa Bárbara
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    Escola Primária de Travassos
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    Parque de Merendas Veiga Nova
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    Queda de Água de Bilhó
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