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District: Porto | County: Penafiel | Parish: Lagares

The beauty of the landscape and the architecture in Quintandona will strike you as soon as you arrive. Filled with history, the village is in Lagares Parish, in Penafiel Municipality. Although it is located near urban centres, this has not stopped it from preserving tradition. Its architecture is unique: village buildings use three different materials: granite, schist and slate, giving it a personality of its very own. Quintandona is marked by beautiful countryside that can be appreciated by walking along the path that connects the village to Pegadinha Mountain, which is also a natural viewpoint over the whole area. Take your time on this footpath, observing the bucolic landscape, traditional wash houses, the chapel, over 200 years old, and the old cross.

Did you know that they put on plays in this little village? The Os ComeDEantes association chose this place to get their inspiration and to revitalise this art! The story goes that the village tends to attract travellers. Nearby, about two kilometres away, the Citânia do Monte Mozinho-Cidade Morta (Dead City), considered the most extensive of the Iberian Peninsula, was the "Cividade Gallaeci" capital of the Galicians, who used to live here. The third weekend of September, when the annual Broth Festival is held, is a great time to visit Quintandona. Come and try the traditional village broths on a journey back to the 1950s and 1960s, when they were the staple diet of the rural population.

Cured ham and regional pork sausages, sweet regueifa plaited bread, roast kid, baked rice and for sweets, sponge cake, sour bread, Penafiel cakes, custard, love cakes and São Martinho cakes are other typical dishes you can try, always accompanied by the drink that is one of the landmarks of Penafiel Municipality: vinho verde, the “Wine-Bar Casa da Viúva” being the ideal place. To fully enjoy all the village has to offer, stay in one of the three rural houses in the village, “Aguieiro House” or “Valxisto House”.



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