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District: Porto | County: Felgueiras | Parish: Sendim

Codeçais is a small village full of the joy of life! Situated in Sendim Parish, it celebrates life with traditional dancing and singing, mainly at the time of the Epiphany, corn husking and the grape harvests, but its biggest feast is on 25 July, when it pays homage to the Patron Saint, São Tiago. Lose yourself on the paths in this small traditional village that retains visible marks of the past, where the highlights are the mill, several granaries and barns. Granite dominates the architecture, which is traditional and clearly endowed with rural characteristics. In this small place, there are two types of houses: country houses and traditional dwellings, those of the lords and the farmers, each with their very own characteristics.

The village is itself a natural viewpoint over the Sendim valley and the river, giving you a view of the pleasant horizon in shades of green. This is why several stately homes have granite balconies, in order to appreciate the vast horizon and rustic landscape as far as the eye can see. Very close to Codeçais is Villa Romana de Sendim (Archaeological Station), where the first vestiges of Roman ceramics and the remains of walls were discovered in 1992, when the foundations were being dug to build a house.
The archaeological excavations carried out from 1997 onwards attested to the existence of a large Roman villa with rooms paved with geometric type mosaics, where building probably started in the second half of the 1st century AD.

Near the ruins, the Interpretation Centre and the Felgueiras Municipal Council Archaeology Office operate in a restored 19th century country house. Here you can learn more about the treasures found during the archaeological digs: thousands of fragments of ceramics used in the kitchen and at the table, luxurious ceramics, glass, metals and bronze coins, pots, plates, vases and bowls. Get your strength back with the typical gastronomic delights of the village: meats roasted in wood-burning ovens, as well as pork rojões and cabidela rice, always accompanied with the much appreciated vinho verde. For dessert, enjoy Margaride sponge cake, with cavacas and lérias.



  • Villa Romana de Sendim
    As escavações arqueológicas, realizadas a partir de 1997, revelaram a existência de uma...

  • Villa Romana de Sendim
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