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District: Porto | County: Penafiel | Parish: Figueira

Situated on a slight hill, the beautiful village of Figueira calmly descends until it reaches a plain. Surrounded by greenery, the town dates back nearly a thousand years, as proven by the first known reference to it, in a document from 1085. Let yourself be enchanted by this old village, which is in Penafiel Municipality in the Sousa River bay. Stroll along by this river and surrender to one of the landmarks of Figueira, which in itself merits a visit: a set of eight irrigation mills stretching from the top of Mozinho, served by the Pisão stream, to the houses. A walk through nature that is not to be missed!

On an outing through the village you will also find several religious references, such as Nossa Senhora de Fátima and the three little shepherds, an old cross and the church of Figueira. With a history that has always been linked to herding, a statue was erected in the village paying homage to the shepherds of the area, who have been there since ancient times and are now immortalised in this stone image. After your outing, the next stop is the Aventuras no Prato Restaurant, both for the surrounding lake and the modern building surrounded by greenery and for what you’ll find inside: praise for the traditional flavours of Figueira with roast lamb, cabidela rice and the typical dry soup!

Figueira turns into one big party during the weekend after 18 July, on which date celebrations take place in honour of the patron saint of the parish, Santa Marinha. The people also get together every two or three years to commemorate another curious tradition: on the Sunday after the Epiphany, the people from the village organise themselves to act out the “Scene of the Three Wise Men", a religious play, unique in the region, the origins of which are believed to go as far back as the middle ages. Then as now, the play is handed down orally from fathers to sons and presented in the churchyard. You will certainly never forget Figueira Village. Mills, rural kitchens and farm tools are some of the things you can take home with you as a souvenir. In addition to these handmade wooden items produced in Figueira, there is also linen embroidery and wickerwork.



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