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District: Porto | County: Amarante | Parish: Gondar

Ovelhinha is a village in Gondar Parish, about 5 kilometres from Amarante. Situated on the banks of the Fornelo river, it is a small typical village, as if reborn from the ashes. During the French invasions, when the French troops beat a hasty retreat from Amarante, they torched Ovelhinhas, which still today preserves the ruins of some houses destroyed by the fire. It is a small village with traditional features, with granite houses and some manors, such as Vila Seca House, Ribeiro House or Ovelhinha House, dating back to the 17th century. The chapel of Santo Amaro is the venue of the pilgrimage during the feast in honour of this saint.

If you visit the region in the hot months, cool off in the river created on the banks of the Fornelo River, with everything you need for a good day out. Throughout the year, a good time is guaranteed by the Cavalinho Market. Every month, it attracts hundreds of visitors and a little bit of everything is sold there, from tools for agriculture and livestock, clothing and footwear to confectionery, horses, donkeys and other farm animals.

This is the land of the mills and, almost always, the land of bread! In fact you should know that this is the birthplace of Ovelhinhas bread, four-corner bread, also known as Padronelo bread. Some of the bakeries in the region still make bread in old moulds, in wood-burning clay ovens, so be sure to try it. You should also have roast lamb and barbecued cod at your table! As a souvenir, look for black clay handicrafts. The Casa do Oleiro pottery has precious examples of one of the most important crafts in the region.



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