District: Viseu | County: São Pedro do Sul | Parish: Covas do Rio

Reaching the mythical Pena Village is only for the fearless. This is because the road leading here is steep and only one car can pass at a time, despite being a two-way road. The village, lost in the foothills, is in Covas do Rio Parish, in São Pedro do Sul. Don't let yourself be put off by the first adventure because after descending to the depths, it is guaranteed: the visit is well worth it! The entire village is an invitation to contemplate its beauty, with its unique landscape coupled with the typical houses. The well-preserved schist and slate houses can be seen from the top of the mountain, offering a unique and inspiring setting.

Located right in the heart of the Gralheira Massif, this is an inhospitable area with shade dominating the village, as sunlight reaches the houses for only a few hours every day. The lack of natural light, especially in winter, when there are only three hours of daylight, does not take from the unique beauty of this spot. So, lose yourself on the narrow paths, look around and be inspired in those nooks and crannies hidden by the hills, which produce such beautiful dwellings where a fighting population has lived over the years.

Adega Típica da Pena serves the delicacies of local cuisine in the village: cured ham, Serra cheese and regional sausages, but there are also heavier dishes such as feijoada, chicken cabidela rice, cozido à portuguesa prepared Pena style, veal roasted in wood-burning ovens and roast lamb with potatoes, which always go down well with vinho verde. For dessert make sure to try Pena’s dry soup and filhós fritters. You will certainly want a souvenir from this lovely village to take home with you! In addition to the Adega, there are other shops selling local handicrafts, such as miniatures representing the village, made from wood and schist, or the honeycomb wax, cut into strips and used to make candles.



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