District: Aveiro | County: Arouca | Parish: Janarde

The traditional design, the green surroundings and a river beach are landmarks of Meitriz, part of Janarde Parish, in Arouca Municipality. With the River Paiva passing by, Meitriz preserves the old features of the schist and slate houses, of the roads and the agricultural terraces. Located between two mountains, Montemuro and Arada, it has a unique landscape, which is contributed to by the Paiva River passing through, creating a pleasant river beach. You must have a swim in these crystal clear waters if you come here in summer. This river, which is one of the least polluted watercourses in Europe is good for rafting.

If you prefer hiking, remember that you have the Tormentas Route at your disposal. This is a hiking trail that crosses the village and that, contrary to its name, promises to be a good outing! In Regoufe, close to the village, you can also visit the old tungsten mines that once competed with agriculture as a means of subsistence. Even today, in this space of rare natural beauty, farming is the main activity, as can be seen when you go through the village. Allow yourself to be embraced by the natural beauty of Meitriz and its own identity, with its terraces revealing its markedly rural nature.

The village puts on its Sunday best for the religious celebrations: Santa Bárbara is commemorated on the first Sunday in May, Nossa Senhora de Fátima on the last Sunday in August and Santo António and São Sebastião are both on 4 December. In terms of cuisine, the typical dishes of roast kid with, cozido à portuguesa, dry soup, and cornbread, Arouquesa veal and Gralheira kid can be found near the village. Traditionally, the craftwork produced in this village ranges from the tasty cornbread and regional sausages to the manufacture of wooden items, including ox-drawn carts.



  • Parque de Merendas de Ponte de Meitriz
    Espaço verde, arborizado, com mesas e bancos em madeira.

  • Capela de Janarde

  • Praia Fluvial de Ponte de Meitriz
    A beach by the Paiva river. The river separates Meitriz from Barco, a rural schist vill...

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    Parque de Merendas de Ponte de Meitriz
    Aveiro | Arouca
    Praia Fluvial de Ponte de Meitriz
    Aveiro | Arouca
    Capela de Janarde
    Aveiro | Arouca
    Percurso Pedestre Rota das Tormentas (PR5)
    Aveiro | Arouca
    Rio Paiva - Rede Natura 2000 - sitio nº22