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District: Aveiro | County: Arouca | Parish: Alvarenga

Schist and slate dominate the houses in Paradinha, a village in Alvarenga Parish, in Arouca, born in the mountain and leaning up against it. The Paiva River and the natural mountain landscape creates a special framework for this little village that is a little piece of bygone times to be discovered. During the trip, start off by taking in the magnificent view while travelling along an old road with many twists and turns. To begin your visit, you can climb up to the "Mira Paiva" viewpoint, which gives a panoramic view over the entire area as far as the right bank of the Paiva River. From this location, enjoy a wide panorama, where you can observe Paradinha Village with its schist and slate houses, the small farming fields in terraces and the river beach.

Then, down to the village. In addition to the traditional houses, you will also find many marks of the old traditions and everyday life in the village, such as millstones, mills, oxcarts, ploughs and other tools related to agriculture, as well as threshing floors, granaries, wine cellars, fireplaces and olive presses that were part of daily life in other times. The auditory landscape is marked by the constantly running waters of the Paiva River, sweet music to the ears of all passing through the village. The sound has already charmed many people who, in August, gathered at the “Sons da Água” concert which takes place on the river beach. The Paiva River, in addition to providing colour and freshness to the site, is also the stage for several extreme sports. Don't miss the opportunity to walk along the trails and enjoy the colours of nature in the diversity of vegetation that the village embraces, making it a place of rare beauty.

Tradition is cultivated in tasks linked to the production of various typical products, such as olive oil, honey and candles, as well as weaving linen and nets. The annual work combines with the traditional activities of the village, which include sowing, threshing, grape harvesting, pig slaughtering and fishing. A festive time to visit Paradinha is during the festival in honour of its Patron Saint, Senhora da Saúde, which takes place in August, and when, for one day, the village and its small chapel are full.



  • Parque de Merendas da Paradinha

  • Rio Paiva
    Nasce na serra da Nave, em Moimenta da Beira, e desagua no Douro em Castelo de Paiva.

  • Praia Fluvial da Paradinha
    Praia no rio Paiva com zona de recreio e lazer. Fica junto a aldeia pitoresca de Paradi...

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