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Covas do Monte

District: Viseu | County: São Pedro do Sul | Parish: Covas do Rio

To reach Covas do Monte Village, in São Pedro do Sul, you have to travel a winding route, but one that is of rare beauty, crossing Freita mountain and catching a glimpse of Montemuro and Gralheira mountains. The trip alone is worth it, but the best is yet to come! Situated on São Macário mountain, Covas do Monte is at an altitude of 450 metres, so the air you breathe there is extremely pure. The verdant landscape, with mountains all around, to which nobody can remain indifferent, is dotted by herds of animals, creating a rustic setting. Below, the coolest of water runs, flowing towards the village and distributed throughout the fields using traditional irrigation.

Nestling on the hills, the village is in the foothills of the mountain and offers a unique walk along its narrow and winding streets and past the cluster of houses, almost all built from schist and with slate roofs. Notice how they are spread out and fit in perfectly with the landscape! Animals and people live side by side in this small town that is dependent on livestock farming. Apart from the goats and the sheep, cows also set out daily to indulge in the fresh pasture provided by the hills. At the end of the afternoon, they return, and each one seems to know the way home, in a ritual that is repeated and is worth watching, as it is a rare portrayal of rural Portugal.

It is worth noting that this village still does domestic pig slaughtering, and it is therefore no surprise that the regional sausages and quality meats are hallmarks of the local cuisine. The village restaurant - Restaurante da Associação dos Amigos de Covas do Monte - which is a must, is, in fact, a place of pilgrimage at weekends. Housed in an old primary school, it provides a beautiful view of the mountains and a menu with characteristic dishes of the region. Be sure to taste the Gralheira kid and the Arouquesa beef, indigenous and certified breeds.



  • Associação dos Amigos da Cova do Monte
    Este restaurante típico, que funciona na antiga escola básica, oferece uma bonita vista...

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