District: Aveiro | County: Sever do Vouga | Parish: Amiais

Surrounded by dense green vegetation, Amiais Village is in Couto de Esteves Parish, in Sever do Vouga Municipality. Nestling halfway up the slope of the Vouga riverbank, its immediate surroundings are dotted with the magnificent landscapes of surrounding mountains and terraced slopes. Surrounded by mountains (Freita, Caramulo and São Macário), the very closely grouped houses and meandering paths complete the landscape, using the materials that are typical to the region, such as granite and wood, and on the streets, the Portuguese cobblestone pavements. Wander calmly along these paths that cross the village centre, take in the panoramic views from the natural viewpoints and go to a threshing floor, an old social gathering point for the farming communities linked to the husking of corn, which is still done today.

Another reflection of this tradition can be seen in the well-preserved granaries that are part of the identity of this village. For a longer walk, take the “Between Lordelo and Gresso” hiking trail. The megalithic heritage of the region is also quite valuable and worth a visit. Two kilometres away, in Cerqueira, in the same parish, you will find the Cerqueira Dolmen and Burial Chamber. 3 kilometres away, pay a visit to the Lameiro de Ouguedelo Dolmen, in Coval. There are traditions that remain alive in the everyday life of the people of Amiais, celebrated with their own rituals, such as the Midnight Mass and singing the Janeiras, the slaughter of the pig and the traditional rojoada after the slaughter, Lent, Easter and the Easter Visit, with the Compass and the Popular Saints.

In the case of strictly religious celebrations, there are several feasts in Couto de Esteves Parish: Santíssimo Sacramento; São João, São Pedro and São Tiago and Senhora da Boa Viagem and, in Amiais Village, São Francisco and Senhora do Amparo. Surrender to the regional flavours of Sever do Vouga cuisine. The highlights at "Junior" and "Cantinho da Eira” restaurants are roast veal from Sever de Vouga with oven rice, lamprey rice, roast pork with greens, roast lamb and various freshwater fish delicacies in escabeche sauce are the highlights. The regional desserts are made using local fruit and vegetables (oranges, blueberries, beans and chila pumpkin) transformed into regional desserts and jams. Worthy of note are the Sever queijadinhas, Vouga bateiras, Vouga barquinhas and Sever beijinhos. Weaving, ironwork and woodwork are the most typical products that you can take home after a visit to Amiais, not forgetting, of course, the regional sausages, confectionary and jams.



  • Mamoas de Cerqueira 2,3,4

  • Dólmen da Arca da Cerqueira
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  • Espigueiros da Eira Comunitária em Amiais
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  • O Júnior
    Espaço simpático e acolhedor, localizado no rés-do-chão de uma moradia, a servir bons p...

  • Cantinho da Eira

  • Casa da Tulha
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  • Casas da Seara
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  • Villa Augusta & SPA
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  • Dólmen da Arca da Cerqueira
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    Espigueiros da Eira Comunitária em Amiais
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    Aveiro | Sever do Vouga
    Mamoas de Cerqueira 2,3,4
    Aveiro | Sever do Vouga
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