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São Xisto

District: Viseu | County: São João da Pesqueira | Parish: Vale de Figueira

Situated in the heart of the region classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, São Xisto is a charming location on the Douro River. Located in Vale de Figueira, São João da Pesqueira Municipality, the village is dominated by a breathtaking landscape! To enjoy this village, just look around at the mountains and valleys, the Douro so close by, traditional stone walls and terraces typical of the vineyards on the banks of this river. But its attractions don't stop there...

You will also be fascinated by the diverse heritage of this village, which goes from the São Xisto Chapel, the Anjo Arrependido Lookout, the Centennial Fountain and the many typical schist houses. The places to visit on a leisurely walk also include the oil and wine presses. It is on the banks of the Douro after all. The Douro river pier and the Ferradosa train station give even more charm to this area. São Xisto Village has very specific features linked to the importance of the vineyards. Here, as its the name indicates, schist is dominant, contrasting with the granite on opposite bank.

In addition to the abundant quality wine found in these parts, whether table or generous wines, there is no lack of good reasons to sit down at the table. The local cuisine is based on the products of the land, but also shepherding traditions have left marks on the traditional cuisine: lamb roasted in wood-burning ovens is much appreciated here. Hunting and fishing, of course, also take their place at the table in São Xisto: freshwater fish, fried, with onions, or marinated, are much appreciated snacks.



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