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Lamas d'Olo

District: Vila Real | County: Vila Real | Parish: Lamas d'Olo

Lamas d’Olo, a village in Vila Real Municipality, is a jewel in the midst of Alvão Natural Park. Immediately upon arrival, you will notice the granite houses, most of which still have thatched roofs. The strong rural image of these old houses is complemented by the small granaries spread throughout the village and that are worth a visit. In addition to the Alvão Natural Park, which surrounds it, Lamas d’Olo is also surrounded by marshes and cultivated fields with their own unique characteristics. Let yourself be enchanted by this example of rural Portugal and see how the land is irrigated, which allows year-round grazing. To this day, in fact, animals play an important role in this region, where livestock farming is a common activity.

During a visit to this village, you’ll see that daily life mimics the traditions from other times. Immerse yourself in nature and be prepared to take one of the various hiking routes identified and signposted here. Water is also an essential element in the life of this small village: nearby, there are two dams - Cimeira and Fundeira do Alvão - with two reservoirs from where the high peaks of Marão and Alvão can be seen. The Lamas of d’Olo viewpoint and the Cimeira Dam Picnic Park are also not to be missed! Further away, but still only a few kilometres, pay a visit to one of the largest waterfalls in Portugal: Fisgas do Ermelo.



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  • Miradouro de Lamas de Olo

  • Parque Natural do Alvão

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