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District: Vila Real | County: Mesão Frio | Parish: Cidadelhe

Cidadelhe Village, situated in a valley in the Upper Douro Wine-growing Region, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Wine is the product that stands out most in this Mesão Frio village, although the area is also a prodigious producer of olive oil and a variety of fruits. In addition to its location, surrounded by a landscape of rare beauty, between mountains, on a leisurely walk through the village, take a look at the many stately homes that confer unique life and beauty.

For the remaining heritage, carry on to the centre of the village where you can get to know the Cidadelhe Parish Church in detail, in 18th century Baroque style. Even older is the legacy that remains from the time when this was a fortified town, long before the founding of the nation, which is believed to have been attacked by the troops of the Roman General Decimus Junios Brutus in 134 BC, which was the reason for the construction of Castro dos Mouros in Cidadelhe, a site where there are Roman ruins.

After your walk, savour the traditional flavours of the Mesão Frio cuisine. Here the main speciality is kid with rice and potatoes, roasted in a wood-burning oven, but there is also the tasty marrã, feijoada, papas de farinha de milho and sopa de castanha pica. Fish also has a place at the table with variations such as caldeirada stew and small fish from the river in escabeche sauce. For dessert, enjoy the Donsumil biscuits and falácias. Blessed with a magnificent view over the Cidadelhe mountains, you will also find the old 17th century manor, Quinta do Paço de Cidadelhe, an emblematic building of the village, which has now been converted into a prestigious hotel in the Douro region.



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