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District: Viana do Castelo | County: Paredes de Coura | Parish: Porreiras

Porreiras is a mountain village located on the slope of Boalhosa Mountain, 7 kilometres from Paredes de Coura Village. It was once called São Miguel de Rabel, a name inspired by the musical instrument used by shepherds: the rabel (a bowed, string instrument). It is thought that the origin of the name Porreiras might be associated with how taxes were paid “por eiras - per threshing floor".

Known as the “Minho breadbasket”, it features a community threshing floor, with nine granaries and four porches, which are the landmarks of the village. In the heart of the village, visit the Chapel of Senhora do Pilar, walk (no rush) down the lanes and enjoy breathing the pure mountain air! Make your way along the Shepherd’s Path and discover natural corners of great beauty! During the journey, pay attention to the yellow and red marks and admire the rural centres, the archaeological remains and the crystalline watercourses, along 11 kilometres of magnificent landscapes. You can also see the five refurbished community mills that are still in operation. They form one of the most interesting sets of hydraulic mills in Minho.

Regain your strength in the Agueiros Leisure Park, where you can have a pleasant picnic. To make it perfect, take pork sausages, bolo do tacho (cake cooked in a saucepan) and filhoses da pedra (stone fritters), dishes that make up the typical cuisine of this rural centre. If you enjoy handicrafts, remember that wool socks are the items that best represent the handicrafts of Porreiras Village.



  • Parque de Merendas de Outreiro
    Amplo local para piqueniques, com uma vista e contacto com natureza privilegiados.

  • Trilho do Pastor
    Percurso pedestre integrado na Rede Municipal de Percursos Pedestres de Paredes de Cour...

  • Capela da Senhora do Pilar

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