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São Joanico

District: Bragança | County: Vimioso | Parish: Vale de Frades

São Joanico Village is situated on the banks of the Angueira River and is in Vale de Frades Parish, in Vimioso Municipality. The village is typical of Trás-os-Montes and the highlights are the Romanesque Bridge, a landmark of the village, and the community mills, which were once used to grind the grain to make bread. You should also pay a visit to the São Joanico Parish Church (18th century), the Dipping Well (here pitchers were dipped to fill with water), the Crosses and the Threshing Floor Tank. Go to the São Joanico river beach, the perfect spot for a family picnic and to spend some time fishing or just being lazy!

Lose yourself in nature, walk amidst broom and heather and dive into the crystal clear waters of the natural pools! Taste the São Joanico flavours: chestnuts, mushrooms, smoked meats and lobster. Just like old times, the village continues to subsist mainly from agriculture and fishing and maintains the traditions of other times: the preservation of donkeys is one of them. São Joanico was chosen to be the gateway to the Iberian Nature and Adventure Park, a project aimed at valuing the traditions, knowledge and products of the people of Angueira, São Joanico and Serapicos.



  • Ponte de São Joanico
    Ponte de tabuleiro em cavalete construída na Idade Média e reconstruída em 1778. Encont...

  • Moinhos Comunitários

  • Porta do Parque Ibérico de Natureza e Aventura

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    Ponte de São Joanico
    Bragança | Vimioso
    Moinhos Comunitários
    Bragança | Vimioso
    Porta do Parque Ibérico de Natureza e Aventura
    Bragança | Vimioso
    Parque de Merendas de São Joanico
    Bragança | Vimioso
    Igreja de São Joanico
    Bragança | Vimioso
    Restaurante Lagostim
    Bragança | Vimioso