District: Bragança | County: Mirandela | Parish: Abreiro

Abreiro Village is situated in a valley of the Tua River in Mirandela Municipality. Abreiro is of enormous archaeological value, as shown by the medieval cobbled pathway that connects it to the old Abreiro bridge, the actual ruins of the medieval bridge and the Arcã dolmen. In the centre of the village, take note of the well-preserved pillory and of the imposing manor houses, contrasting with the simple granite houses with their typical wooden balconies. Note also the main church, the two village chapels, the cross, the Moorish cemetery and the old fountain. If you want to get away from it all, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the Terra Olea project, which invites tourists to become better acquainted with the olive oil production process. This invitation includes visits to the olive groves, olive harvesting and several olive oil tastings. Did you know that Abreiro village has a working biological olive oil press?

At the Santa Catarina viewpoint, lose yourself in the beauty of the landscape, dotted with cultivated vineyards along the slopes, the Tua river winding through the foothills and the Tua railway line, which is no longer operational. If you are fond of fishing or hunting, remember that Abreiro is also a fishing area on the Tua river and that there is a hunting reserve here. The typical cuisine includes sopas de miolada, with pieces of pork, roast kid and lamb, pork rojões with boiled potatoes, feijoada, alheira sausages, smoked meats and sopa da matança. Indulge yourself! Of the cultural traditions of Abreiro, the feast of Santo Estevão on 26 December is of note. It was formerly known as the feast of the "good men" or "feast of the car".



  • Cruzeiro de Abreiro
    Cruzeiro de estilo barroco sobre base circular com esculturas pintadas de Cristo e de N...

  • Ponte de Abreiro

  • Pelourinho de Abreiro
    Pelourinho formado por uma coluna de fuste cilíndrico encimado por pinha prismática, or...

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