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District: Bragança | County: Vila Flor | Parish: Freixiel

Freixiel Village in Vila Flor Municipality is at an altitude of 350 metres, between two small hills, at the bottom of a valley surrounded by Folgares, Cabreira, Mós, Pessegueiro and Vieiro mountains. The Freixiel valley was inhabited from prehistoric times as evidenced by the relevant vestiges found: the Castro (fortified settlement), the Salgueiral necropolis, the Roman fountain and presses and the ruins of a medieval bridge. The history of the village is recounted by its heritage, which deserves a close look: the pillory, property of public interest, and the gallows, the only example in Portugal, a reminder of the days of the death penalty, also classified as property of public interest. While walking through the narrow village streets, take note of the granite houses with flowery balconies and admire the landscape marked by olive groves and vineyards: you are in the Douro Demarcated Region!

Look closely, too, at the Church of Santa Maria Madalena, the Freixiel parish church, at the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, at the Roman Fountain and stately home, one of them with a Manueline window. Visit the Ethnographic Museum in the village. Freixiel Village has a cellar with a wine tasting room for Douro wine and "Porto Caúnho” wine. Try it! The village is home to the studio of the painter Graça Morais, a daughter of the parish, who often found in Freixiel the inspiration to create her works of art. The typical flavours of the village include roast kid and lamb in Trás-os-Montes style, folar cake and smoked meats. The characteristic handicrafts include lace and pack saddles. A land of stories, of note in Freixiel is the “Legend of the Castle” (about an enchanted rock in the Freixiel fortified settlement) and the “Legend of the Olive Grove” (about a fountain where an enchanted Moorish maiden lived)



  • Casa do Conde
    Casa solarenga construída em 1790, como se confirma com a inscrição na janela de sacada...

  • Pelourinho de Freixiel
    Este pelourinho apresenta quatro degraus quadrados, um fuste prismático, um capitel par...

  • Antiga Forca de Freixiel
    Forca de garrote constituída por duas colunas quadrangulares com cerca de três metros d...

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